The Power of "I am"

You may have heard about affirmations — those positive phrases you repeat to yourself until they become true. It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but the effect of saying these little positive messages to yourself is transformational and groundbreaking. This short guide should help you do two things: understand the power of “I Am” and say it loud and proud with confidence.

It’s easy to forget the power that we have. It’s even easier to go down the rabbit hole and find that one insecurity or thing we don’t like about ourselves and hyper-focus on it until we find ourselves researching ways to get rid of it–don’t let your brain fool you; you don’t need a nose job, babe. We forget that we control our reality and can take action on any and everything we desire, and we forget it all too quickly. Society and the media can be to blame, but who really is to blame–and I hate to break it to you–is you. But lucky for you, I’ve got something that may help–POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS!

The first step is realizing that you don't have to tolerate your negative thoughts and that there are effective ways to eliminate them from your life. I'm not saying this will be easy, but it is possible. By developing a healthy relationship with yourself, saying things like your “I am” becomes more manageable. 

So what does “I am” even mean? “I am” is the beginning of a powerful sentence that has the potential to change your life and the way you think about yourself, the people around you, situations that arise, and just life in general. The sentence starts with “I am” and ends with a present tense something about yourself, your desires, or your environment–otherwise known as an affirmation. Here are a few examples, “I am capable of achieving my goals,” “I am beautiful,” “I am successful in all of my endeavors,” “I am in love with the reality I’ve created for myself,” etc. You can also visit the Affirmations tab on our website to help you get started.

Our words are strong, but using them in this way is only half of the trick. The second part is you must believe the words that you're saying. Your inner voice will develop a habit of saying positive things about yourself, and the widespread of issues that you may be facing in life will fade away. Once you believe your affirmations, you’ll be able to say them loud and proud. Better yet, they will be engraved in your mind and reflected in your actions.

Affirmations will not magically change your life overnight, but they can help remind you of the person you are inside. Once you block out all the noise, these affirmations will help to inspire and encourage yourself--and others--along the way.