A list of affirmations to help you along your journey of self-love, confidence, worry, or even pain. Repeat these to yourself 2x daily: once in the morning and once at before bed. Remember, it's one thing to say these things but it's another to believe them


  1. I am thankful and grateful for the good in my life.
  2. I am releasing all negative emotions from my system.
  3. I am reclaiming my power.
  4. I am letting go of my worries.
  5. I am in control of my life.
  6. I am proud of myself.
  7. I am releasing myself from stress.
  8. I am worthy of good things.
  9. My happy thoughts help create my healthy body.
  10. Everything is working out for my highest good.
  11. I choose to live in the moment and take things one day at a time.
  12. My self-care is worth making time for every day.
  13. I trust the process of life.
  14. Life is always working for me.
  15. My body is calm.

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